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Behind Universe | Collages

The universe is something mysterious, magical, infinite.

The universe is our home but at the same time the home of all galaxies, of our solar system. The universe is a superimposition of worlds, of spaces, of solid, gaseous and liquid elements. It is an infinite space where the planets, comets, stars and the huge empty spaces that compose it are suspended, in eternal balance, separated by billions of km, thousands of light years. A space so large that it is difficult to understand it, without understanding where it begins and where it ends.


Once I finished my first collection of collages, I decided to call it "Behind Universe".

Because the numerous overlapping layers of recycled wrapping paper led me to reflect on an infinite world where the different elements overlapped. I imagined what we could encounter if we left our Planet Earth. We will find those travel companions, the closest planets (so to speak) as we revolve around our Sun and which make up the Solar System. Planets that according to ancient and modern astrologers have strongly influenced our fate. Celestial bodies in a magical balance, where forces of attraction compensate each other and create movements now slow now very fast that give rhythm to our lives. Day, night, summer, winter… Absolute and relative times and speeds, which we have tried to understand since prehistoric times and which have accompanied human beings on this adventure that is life.

In some works the planets of our solar system can be glimpsed, in others the entire universe made up of blacks, reds, reflections... Colors of light and shadows, of days and nights, in a superimposition of numerous layers of recycled material and colored with pastels, acrylics, watercolors, pencil and golden leaves. From the largest Jupiter, to the last, Pluto. And then the Sun and the Universe. An unrepeatable collection, made up of 11 unique works, which invite the gaze to rest and get out of here, like when we look at a starry sky, discovering a new, different, unique and fascinating world, like our universe.

Try going on a journey beyond the Universe. Try going “Behind Universe”.

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