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Il colore soprattutto, forse ancor più del disegno, è una liberazione.

(Henri-Emile Matisse)

Chi sono
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I have exclusively Latin origins, but I was born and raised up to the age of 24 in Argentina, and then moved to Italy. Art has accompanied me all my life. I am an architect and designer as a profession, and I have done ceramics, singing, improvisation theater and of course painting!

It was a dazzling encounter in 2001 with the works of Mark Rothko when I decided to start my research on the colors that brought me here, to my life as an artist. A full life, which allows me to get in touch with myself and with others through my works. I paint mostly in abstract expressionism, which is just an elegant way of saying that I use painting to communicate what I may have no words for ...

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I would like everyone to try the experience of letting themselves be guided by their own gestures, colors and brushes! It is such a strong and liberating exercise that it leads to profound well-being, which allows you to get in tune with yourself and with the world. And that's what I try to convey with my work.


My works are present in several private collections in France, Spain, Argentina, USA, Chile, Portugal, China, England, Sweden, Italy and  in the following online international galleries where they can be purchased directly:_Saatchiart,Artmajeur, Singulart, or at my atelier, the SATURA Gallery in Genoa and the Thomson Gallery in Zug, Switzerland.

They say about me


Thia Path: color musician


If for Andrea Benelli, an extraordinary, virtuous, expressive and enthralling pianist and composer, the definition of "painter of sounds" was coined, by analogy, one could define Thia Path "musician of colors".

Colors that weave infinite chromatic textures, which sing about existence in its multiple experiential, emotional, sentimental dimensions, and, for the most part - hooray! finally! - in the coloring of joy, the pleasure of living, the ecstasy that few know how to draw from small things, from the slightest daily events: except children. And the inner child of Thia guided her to find the true expressive dimension of herself: in a moment and in the eternal present she gave voice and sound and song to the fullness of the joy of existing - as in the Andean Dream and Ready for fashion show ... - even when it goes through dark and dark themes and characters, shadow figures - as in Wait! and In manus tuas - generally redeemed from the use, instead of grays and blacks, of purple, the color of spirituality.

Stained glass windows seem at first glance to be stained glass windows of cathedrals, albeit in their minimal size, because the light generally comes from the bottom, "from outside" - as Buone nuove e Giochiamo testify? - and crosses the darker textures of color and drawing in the foreground. A brightness certainly not forgetful of the places visited, but imbued, first and foremost, with South American chromatic happiness, with a prevalence of reds, oranges and yellows, which ring like "Argentine" notes on the darker and more serious sounds of greens, blues, blue, purple.

His are apparently childish images, sometimes with Picassian assonances, which express a still pure and fabulistic perception of existence. And yet, in the swirling of the lines of the drawings - sometimes large and full, incisive, with a brush, generally black; sometimes subtle and rapid, nervous and confident, as if traced by a beam of light, yellow or white - a transformation takes place which favors the truth of reality, of which only the adult can fully assume responsibility for the restitution.

Far beyond the loves / interests, clearly declared, for Rothko and Klee, the poetic climax of Thia Path also makes Emanuele Luzzati's drawings and engravings resonate, albeit at a safe distance, due to the extreme variety of musical notes - not sure and not just 7, but 14, and better: 21, 28 ... 49 ... - and the shrill characters, children and animals above all, happily colored, that populate the most recent production of Gianfranco Asveri.

An open work, therefore, that of Thia Path, which leads us to await developments with confidence and joy.

Sergio Signorini

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