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What is RelaxARTE?


RilassARTE consists of one or more meetings guided by Thia Path, with the aim of reactivating creativity, imagination and intuition, improving one's cognitive abilities and enjoying the pleasure that artistic activity brings.

RilassARTE is not a course to learn to draw or paint but a path where colours, space and music lead to recovering one's well-being. The workshops are fun, and sometimes a little messy. Even though I do a lot of demonstrations, I don't teach you to paint like me... I teach you to paint like YOU! You will try different techniques and then through the creative process find YOUR voice in your art. You won't be surprised if you find your hidden side.

Making art resumes the modalities of knowledge and action on the world, typical of the child. In fact, as in children's play, one feels total involvement in what one is experiencing; thanks to this, there is the possibility and the stimulus to become familiar and experiment with all the hypotheses that reality and one's potential present, moreover having fun!

Why RelaxARTE?

Because through artistic expression it is possible to increase self-awareness, to face difficult situations, stress, anxiety and even traumatic experiences, in a playful, fun and relaxed way.

Where is RilassARTE?

In the Thia Path Art Workshop, in Piacenza in Via Tibini 3, (a few meters from the Piacenza train station), a large table has been set up with sheets, canvases, chalks, pencils, acrylics that awaits you, immersed in an environment colourful, welcoming and soothing.

The workshops of RilassARTE

Workshops can be individual or for two people.

Each session lasts 2 hours at times to be agreed and can be purchased individually or in packages of 4 sessions. Ad hoc courses can be carried out, on a six-monthly or annual basis according to individual needs. All work created during the meetings will be your property. The costs of materials and colors are included.

Who is RilassARTE for?


To women and men aged 14 to 100, to talents, former talents, failed artists, potential artists... non-artists.  To those who love to doodle and play with has more painted since school, to those who like to get involved to have fun and, above all, relax!


How much does RelaxARTE cost?

And for Christmas there is good news! Here are the special prices reserved until 31 December 2022.


Di seguito alcuni momenti dei workshop e dei lavori dei partecipanti a RilassARTE

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