What is RilassArte?


Relaxing consists of one or more meetings led by Thia Path, with the aim of reactivating creativity, imagination and intuition, improving one's cognitive skills and enjoying the pleasure that artistic activity brings with it.


Relax is not a course to learn to draw or paint but a path where colors, space and music lead to recover your well-being.


It has been shown that when a person is immersed in creative activity he receives a series of physical, intellectual and emotional stresses which lead to organic and psychological changes. Making art resumes the modalities of knowledge and action on the world, typical of the child. In fact, as in the infantile game, there is a total involvement towards what one is experiencing; thanks to this, there is the possibility and the stimulus to gain confidence and experiment in all the hypotheses that reality and its potential present, moreover having fun!


Why RilassArte?


Because through artistic expression it is possible to increase self-awareness, face situations of difficulty, stress, anxiety and even traumatic experiences, in a playful, fun and relaxed way.


Where is RilassArte?


In the Thia Path Art Laboratory, in Piacenza in Via Tibini 3, (a few meters from the Piacenza railway station), a large table has been set up with sheets, canvases, chalks, pencils, acrylics waiting for you, immersed in an environment colorful, welcoming and soothing.


The RilassARTE workshops


The workshops can be individual or for two people.

Each session has a duration of 2 hours in times to be agreed and can be purchased singly or in packages of 4 sessions. It is possible to carry out ad hoc courses, half-yearly or annual basis according to individual needs. All the works carried out during the meetings will be your property. The costs of materials and colors are included.


Who it is for RilassArte


To women and men aged 14 to 100, to talents, ex-talents, missed artists, potential artists ... not artists. To those who love to scribble and play with colors, to those who have not painted since school, to those who love to get involved to have fun and, above all, relax!