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The universe is something mysterious, magical, infinite.

The universe is our home but at the same time the home of all galaxies, of our solar system. The universe is a superimposition of worlds, of spaces, of solid, gaseous and liquid elements. It is an infinite space where the planets, comets, stars and the huge empty spaces that compose it are suspended, in eternal balance, separated by billions of km, thousands of light years. A space so large that it is difficult to understand it, without understanding where it begins and where it ends.

I'll wait for you on 22|11|22 at the inauguration of my first exhibition of collages made entirely with recycled wrapping paper entitled “Behind Universe”.


Sono lieta di invitarti alla mia mostra intitolata "Ritornerà la Pace"  presso il Grande Albergo Roma di Piacenza.

Dalle tenebre alla luce, dalla disperazione alla felicità, dall'angoscia alla serenità, dalla guerra alla pace, dal nero al bianco. Di questo parlano i colori della mia mostra, di emozioni, energia, pensieri e del grandissimo desidero di pace. Una pace sognata e agognata, che spero torni presto tra noi.


"Ritornerà la Pace"

25 Maggio | 30 settembre 2022 

Grande Albergo Roma di Piacenza,

Via Cittadella 14, Piacenza

invito satura.jpeg

Presentazione della curatrice Flavia Motolese della Galleria SATURA Palazzo Stella di Genova

Barino thia path.JPG

Dopo il suo Tributo a Rothko e la sua personale "Origini" al Grande Albergo Roma, Thia Path prosegue la sua ricerca sui colori attraverso l’arte astratta, dove i protagonisti sono i segni fatti con i pastelli e i rulli, le pennellate e lo sgocciolamento.  Le opere esposte in “Into the Colors” si ispirano ai grandi maestri del 900 dell’espressionismo astratto, ma con una palette di colori personalissima, energica e unica, dove i colori vibrano, esplodono, si muovono. Colori che portano ad immergersi tra le luci e le ombre di una fitta foresta tropicale in un boato di verdi, nei profondi riflessi azzurri di un 

After his Tribute to Rothko and his personal "Origins" at the Grande Albergo Roma, Thia Path continues its research on colors through abstract art, where the protagonists are the signs made with pastels and rollers, brush strokes and dripping. .  The works exhibited in “Into the Colors” are inspired by the great masters of the 1900s of abstract expressionism, but with a very personal, energetic and unique color palette, where colors vibrate, explode and move. Colors that lead you to immerse yourself in the lights and shadows of a dense tropical forest in a roar of greens, in the deep blue reflections of a Sardinian sea or in the iridescent red of an erupting volcano, rather than entering a world of oranges, yellows and autumnal browns. Colors that recall the birth of a star or the chaos of a night city. An exhibition that, as its title indicates, invites the observer to enter the colors, to look towards his own inner world, capable of producing sensations and experiences similar to those caused by listening to a symphony, to stop and get lost in the combinations, in the glazes and shades that capture the curious eye. Compositions that live on their own light and great strength and energy capable of illuminating the entire space hosting the exhibition with colors.

The exhibition will be open to the public from Tuesday 14 December 2021 at 6:30 pm and until 2 February 2022.

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 7am to 10pm. Closed on Thursdays.

For the inauguration it is mandatory to have the Super Greenpass and to book at 3393791376

December 2021

Thia Path was selected to be part of the ICONIC COLLECTION of Brookfields Properties in the USA with the work Giallo Magenta Arancio .

Thia Path was selected to be part of the ICONIC COLLECTION of Brookfields Properties in the USA with the work Giallo Magenta Arancio .

Red Balloon - Tribute to Paul Klee of Thia Path has been chosen as the logo for the next National Congress of Psychiatry in Portugal

Iconic collection.JPG
Iconic collection 1.JPG
congresso psichiatria portogallo.JPG
sonia monti 2020 2021.JPG


by Fabio Bianchi


We knew Thia Path as a painter suspended between a pleasantly surrealist figuration and the spiritual colorism of the Informal. In the latest production, however, more than doubling her efforts, she explored other and unprecedented expressive dimensions. In the new proposals there is not only inventive richness, but also contents open to the unpredictable, to a sometimes visionary whimsy. Thia Path engages in new themes, does not fear confrontation, on the contrary it requires it in an increasingly interesting crescendo. No banal technical versatility, only an eccentric skill and a protean inspiration: in the two declinations there is a zero degree of research, a profound intuition capable of distilling a very personal writing beyond any legacy.

Her creations present here have the power of authority, the enthusiasm of pure and dispassionate research, the conviction derived from method and technical mastery. Here she blends and brings together various aspects, freeing himself from the abstract and informal tradition towards a thematic redefinition in the name of technique and above all of organicism. In the “My blue” series the proximity of subjects united by amoeboid principles does not inflate, rather it confers a sense of introspection. Colors and technique in Thia Path docilely support the depth of the graphic sign (Myblue, Airflow and Airdance) despite the two-dimensionality of the support.

The pictorial art of Thia Path in the series “Origins” finally seems to snoop in science and biology, go into strange amniotic fluids (Origins). To discover a simple and secret molecular structure that governs men and things (Eclipse and Creation 1), it expands outside (Creation) capturing feelings.

The lesson of Thia Path emerges then in the creative diversity of the approach, in the stylistic differences as if there were various souls. There is an evident interpretative key in this small / large kaleidoscope of life and work: the artist's moral tension. That is, the performer's desire both to capture the increasingly elusive and sectorial external world and to frame the changing novelties in increasingly recognizable forms through the rigor of intuition.

Thia Path therefore takes us with these two new areas into a lovingly poetic universe, into the real world of art where everything is lyrically transfigured starting from the deadly Covid19. The strength of a motivated artist like Thia Path then lies in the continuous invention, in folding hands and eyes to a calm but increasingly penetrating introspection.


Piacenza, September 2020

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